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What To Do with a Roboship?

Posted on Thu Jan 19th, 2023 @ 1:37pm by Lieutenant Commander Amber Quinn & Lieutenant JG Ronen Kym & Lieutenant Azusa Nakano & Lieutenant Remy Boudreau & Lieutenant Zuub & Lieutenant JG Tiskatee Troilon

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Mission: Making for a Hostile Environment.
Location: Aurora


As soon as everyone was back on board, the captain called for a briefing. However, just before it was to begin, he had an urgent call from Starfleet, so put Amber in charge.

Amber decided the best course of action was to go over the new information and then discuss options while Ka'Tock spoke with whomever. There was a distinct possibility this call was about the new information they'd learned about the roboship and the colonists on board.

Strangely, Azusa was the first officer to arrive. She didn't like being first, it always caused her to feel nervous. "Commander..." she said rather sheepishly after their previous conversation about her 'condition'.

"Hello, lieutenant. I hope you're feeling well," Amber said. She'd never been pregnant herself, but the engineer looked both pallid and glowing.

Azusa nodded simply as she slid into a seat.

Boudreau entered next, flexing his fingers against his chest as he prodded it absentmindedly. He hated to admit it, but Deville's timely intervention had likely prevented any serious harm from coming to him. He glanced about, no Kym yet.

Raising a hand, he acknowledged the other two officers with a nod.

Amber nodded back.

Kym was next to arrive. "Hello, everyone," she said politely. Then she headed over to Remy. She was happy and relieved to see him. She had a number of questions, but this was not the place.

The soft spoken, lanky, and tall Chief Medical Officer walked into the room. In her wispy voice she acknowledged everyone before taking a seat opposite Kym and Remy. "Hello. Who is still missing?"

"Paris and Trei. The captain was called away," Amber said.

Lt. Troilon came through the doors , having returned from the surface in lieu of her chief. The Security Force on the surface were standing at the ready. Not much more for her to report as she held her PADD close.

>>tag all

When everyone was seated, Amber began. "The captain asked me to take charge of the meeting while he deals with the colonists. Lieutenant Boudreau, can you report on your findings on the alien ship?"

He nodded, 'I prepared a report for you all - you should have received it by now.' The man waved his PADD gently. 'In summary, the roboship is a giant automated terraformer-cum-colony ship. It's reasonable to surmise the planet is being prepared for their arrival.'

Pointing to his own chest, Boudreau carried on, 'it seems at least one of the ship's passengers, or some sort of stowaway has been released from its stasis and was prowling the vessel. Quite a rough first contact if I do say so myself.'

"What sort of creature was it?" Kym asked.

Zuub's antennae leaned forward as she listened intently. A new species might hold all kinds of new mysteries and perhaps even a solution for her mother's curse.

"Is there a threat factor to this creature?" Troilon asked. "If you give me the parameters we can help with the search, level by level if needed with tricorders."

"Dunno. It's unconscious in sickbay," Petty Officer Ranonda LeBeau replied. She really hadn't wanted to participate, but she had the answer for this question. She looked at Zuub. "Don't eat it. We need to find out what it is because it could be important to understanding the ecosystem."

"Why would you think that I would want to eat it?" The Andorian asked, her antennae wobbling uncertainly.

Ranonda raised both eyebrows. "Many creatures are considered edible. We also shouldn't dissect it. Neither one is an appropriate response to encountering an unknown species. It could be a pet that got loose."

"It could be a watchdog as well and might not be the best thing to let it loose." Troilon noted and sent a message to have a detail go and make sure the 'pet' might not get out of sickbay, emphasizing the 'gentle' approach and no aggression. "I will have a detail sent to observe but not interfere, promise."

"Very well," Zuub conceded. "Though, I have to say that it is highly irregular for my tests to be observed."

'It is an unknown.' Boudreau replied in a calm tone. 'Best to be safe - unless the species' requirements are too exotic, I think it should be possible. My department can work with Ops in the case we find a suitable planet to divert the ship to.' He looked in Zuub's direction, 'any scans from the ... pet ... would help immensely."

"I expect to have a full data set for both of us to scrutinize," the Andorian answered, her antennae twittering happily.

Then Amber turned to Azusa. "And would you work with operations to find a way to reprogram the ship so that if Mr. Boudreau does find another planet, it can be sent in a better direction and leave this one alone?"

Azusa nodded. "Yeah, between us we should be able to find a way".

"I think our best course of action at this point is to find that ship a new home and help it on its way," Amber continued. "I can't condemn it for its programming, but we can't let it destroy this planet, either. The sooner we find a viable alternative and get that thing to recognize it, the better. Any questions or comments?"

Shaking his head, Boudreau piped up, 'no questions - let's get to it.'

Amber looked around the table. When there were no other questions, she nodded. "Okay then. You're dismissed. Let me know what you find."


Lieutenant Commander Amber Quinn
Executive Officer
USS Aurora

Lieutenant Remy Boudreau
Chief Science Officer
USS Aurora

Lieutenant Azusa Nakano
Chief Engineer
USS Aurora

Lieutenant JG Ronen Kym
USS Aurora

Lieutenant Trei Jansum
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Lieutenant JG Tiskatee Troilon
Medical Officer

Lieutenant Zuub
Chief Medical Officer
USS Aurora


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