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Lieutenant JG Tiskatee Troilon

Name Tiskatee Troilon

Position Security Investigations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion/ Betazoid
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 132
Hair Color black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tisskatee is blessed with Orion physique of a demure athletic type; she is well toned with eyes that are soft glowing fire that threaten to flare. Her uniform is fitted more to allow movement and a Skirted uniform with bloomer and tights to allow the freedom of her legs. She had the balanced walk of a lady and the fluid movements practiced so ingrained into her movement memory it is natural. Her hair is loose and just touching the shoulder.

Off duty she prefers to wear over-sized shirts or half dresses with leggings for comfort. She can also clean up very nice but prefers to wear bracelets and tiny gem ear rings with a lone necklace sporting a charm of a rose.

The only other odd bit of jewelry is a seemingly solid anklet that covers and ornate tattoo of finely drawn interlocking pattern much like Celtic Know work from Earth. Tesskatee keeps this covered at all times.

She can control the pheromone but with her Betazoid side spiked emotional contact can elevate her normal levels under times of extreme emotions; rare but possible.


Spouse None
Father Torga
Mother Elaneema
Brother(s) Torbin
Sister(s) Teeshana
Other Family Stepfather that Sponsored her into the UFP.

Taro and Shoshi Nakajima: Shedoshi to Tisskatee.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tisskatee is a driven individual; she alone is the 'Cross-Breed' of her family unit that left her with a tendency to separate at first in relationships outside her duty. This has festered a strong Individuality in her and she will not back-down if threatened or insulted in her opinion.

"Tisk-Tisk" has been adopted by many who know her.

Her physical prowess is a safety from her empathic and natural Biology. she uses meditation and physical fitness to maintain herself.

Above all with her training as a hostess by the Orion Syndicate matched with her Lady training of Japan she is very protective of friends and her Bushido make her a guardian of her ship. She sees herself as a warrior more than a slave and that balances her. Over the years she has learned to be overly playful with friends and people she cares about.

She has accepted the nickname Tisk-Tisk' from her academy days begrudgingly. She has learned that making any 'big deal' out of it often makes the use of it a teasing rather than Human type nickname.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Servant type of persona/ Diplomatic
+Bushido type dedication to duty
+ Able Physical Combatant

+/- Strong Empathic Traits

- Pheromone levels are agitated with extreme emotions
- Hates to be treated as lesser sex
- Highly proud individual.
Ambitions To be the best protection for her Crew/ Family.
Hobbies & Interests Bushido
Japanese style cooking
Reading of Martial Philosophy
Japanese art of Handwriting.

Singing (Bashful of her fine voice.)
20th century Motorcycles
Ballistic weapons
Martial Arts weapons

Portrays a female Pulp Era Hero Black Cat

Personal History The youngest of her siblings and the only one of another Father. A customer that had more fun than intended by her Master. Because of this Tisskatee had it harder in her youth training as a Slave Girl. Often dubbed a 'Ugly Duckling' compared to the 'Pureness of other Orion females' Tisskatee tended to be more aggressive rather than lady like. "Scrappy Dingo' is what others called her while the Orion Syndicate trained her the Art of Seduction. She also took well to some fighting arts of the Orion Males by being defiant and watching how the males fought. She lived up to the reputation of Orion females being ferocious.

She kept the name even when brought to the Federation by her Natural Father. He was slipped information about her as as a Diplomat he managed to get an early purchase of Tisskatee through bribing a Ferengi who posed an offer for a "Child who could be raised as a hostess more akin to Ferngi requirements.
Once purchased she was transported several weeks later to be raised on Betazed with her single Father.

She learned her empathy; she had a fire in her belly and caused more headaches among her tutors than most. She felt emotions and it tended to cross over into her Pheromone count. For the time until she learned to communicate Betazoid style with telepathy Tisskatee tended to lash out as she felt the voices were attacking her mind. The limited Orion fighting she observed was something to deal with among the Betazoid teachers.

Delving into deeply the Martial Taoism of the Martial Arts. She had a Japanese Diplomat who taught her a form of Martial art and the way of a Lady in Japanese society only to find the need for Bushido to help curb the stronger emotions.

Interpersonal relationships are cordial and proper at first; much like her Japanese influences and become deeper as she gets to know the person. She acted very proper while being taken on the Diplomatic functions with her father; she grew into the role of being his 'Plus One' for many functions between her 9th and 12th birthdays. Then her first trauma in her Federation life occurred, Her father began to see Mona. Being a former slave Tisskatee had become quite jealous of the 'new woman' by acting out.

It is during these years that her Father introduced her to Taro Nakajima; an ambassador from Earth, born in Japan. He was assigned to Betazed.

Nakajima had studied the art of Bushido and his lovely wife Shoshi taught the young Orion the Discipline of Bushido and of the Samurai as well as how to be a proper Japanese Hostess. This lead to the young woman getting along better in school; not acting as as she learned discipline and Honor. SHe delved deeply into the Meditations and philosophy of teh Asian arts.

Her middle school years of tension faded as the high school years and growing towards being worthy of the Bushido way were second nature to her.

Her father and Nakajima managed a spot for her at Star FLeet; emphasis on Security and tactics. Tisskatee was amply nicknamed 'Tisk-Tisk' by the male cadets. They thought her an 'easy girl' and discovered very quickly she did not follow that line of her heritage. With Orions being stronger pound for pound she could keep up with her male counter-parts. Hand to Hand she had a unique skill of using her heritages to her advantage. She rated top slot for her Hand -to -hand rating; scored top 10% in weapons and tactical.

Her first assignment was the Cadet ship 'USS Hornet'; an older Constitution II class vessel. SHe ran drills with the rest of her cadets earning the Lead of Gamma shift.

Tisskatee manned her first assignment aboard The USS Shanghai on the Gamma Shift. The Commanding Officer and Security Chief dreaded having an Orion Female on the crew and figured Gamma Shift was the safest place to keep her from affecting the crew. Tisskatee was a dedicated Officer but felt she had been given a raw deal because of her race's reputation. SHe did her job with such zeal she felt she had to double her fellow Security Officers that were Male. Her insistance upon a Skirted uniform promoted the initial reputation as a Slave Girl type. It was on a run with Marines being shuttled to a command on the boarder that Tisskatee learned the percussion weapons and worked out with Marines, they accepted her as a pretty face and a mean temper. The ship went into combat drop and Tisskatee had drawn duty with the shuttle bays. The enemy tried to make a boarding after the deployment of the Marines. Tisskatee knew some Marine tactics for repelling boarders and lead the protection of her assigned Shuttle Bay.
'They chose the wrong place to enter , Tisk-Tisk' was the saying after the battle.

The USS Knudson took on a new Gamma Shift Team lead. Tisskatee enjoyed her duties and the Bridge assignment meant she could be of more use. The ship was patrolling near the construction of a new outpost when Pirates attacked. The initial attack was mid-Gamma Shift. Her tactical prowess and ability to maintain the weapon lock no matter how her 'Platform' had to maneuver earned her the Promotion to Beta Shift as the Team Lead Chief Sec/ Tac.

The current Billet of deputy Security / Tactical came as a promotion for her fine record.

Service Record USS Hornet - Cadet Cruise
USS SHanghai- Gamma SHift Security Officer.
USS Knudson - Gamma Shift LeadSec/ Tac
USS Aurora - Beta Lead Sec/Tac.