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Posted on Fri Jan 20th, 2023 @ 5:45am by Lieutenant Azusa Nakano & Lieutenant Trei Jansum

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Mission: Making for a Hostile Environment.
Location: Mess Hall

The next day, before duty shift, Azusa found herself outside of Trei's door. She stood there in her uniform feeling nervous about what she had to talk to him about. The call with her parents went well in her opinion, but she still had to let him know how she felt.

Trei had gotten out of the shower and had dressed, almost. He still had to put on his tunic and jacket, but his chest was covered in his tank undershirt. He was just reaching for the gold tunic when the chime sounded.

"Who is it?"

"Erm... Azusa..." Azusa replied nervously.

Trei instantly felt nervous. He knew how he felt, and he knew how Azusa felt, but was the height of bad manners to tell her that he knew. All Betazoids could read strong feelings without trying.

He cleared his throat and said, "Come in."

The doors swished open and Azusa stood here rather sheepishily before stepping in. The door closed behind her and she looked around briefly. It hadn't been the first time she had been in Trei's quarters, but it still felt a little weird to her.

"Good morning" she said with a slight bow.

Trei hesitated and bowed, then put his tunic on, zipping it up, before reaching for his jacket. "Hello, Azusa. How are you today?" He greatly wanted to reach out, hold her in his arms, but he was on duty in an hour.

"Well..." Azusa stumbled in her words slightly. "We've still got an hour before our duty shift starts" she paused for a moment. "I was thinking we could get some breakfast... I... well. Spoke with my parents last night about... our situation"

He grimaced. "How pissed is your dad at me?" He had dreaded that moment. As a brother, he would have been livid at any man who did it to his sister, Lanaila.

"I don't think he is" Azusa replied with a small smile. "I think mum has him under control, at least for the moment". She beckoned to the door, they could walk to the mess hall together. "He's more concerned about 'tradition' over everything else" she sighed.

Trei threw his jacket on, zipping it up, and locking his door after they stepped out of his quarters.

They started walking towards the turbolift and he subtly offered his arm to her.

"What traditions is he worried about, specifically?"

Azusa hesitated for a moment before she took his arm. A strange warm sensation filled her as her cheeks turned pink. She had never had any contact like this before. "Well... I told you the other day that in Japanese tradition we're supposed to be married before..." she paused.

"You know... this" she said placing her other hand on her belly. "But, I think he accepts it for what it is"

Trei thought for a moment, then smiled. "Then let's do it. Today. After our shifts. We'll go to the captain and we'll get married."

Azusa stopped in her tracks. Her face beet red. "Isn't it a little soon?" she asked quickly. "I mean, its meant to have lots of organisation. And friends and family. Plus which type of wedding..." she started to breath heavily. "I don't think doing it so soon would work..."

"It doesn't have to," Trei said, frowning. "But if that's what you want, that's what you'll get. Although"--Trei grimaced--"my mother may insist on a Betazoid wedding, meaning not a bit of clothing on anyone."

"I... know..." Azusa said in response. "Does she know?"

Trei hesitated for a second. "No. But the rest of my family does. My brother, sister, father, uncles, aunts, cousins... I did you a favor by waiting. Trust me. Until there is a ring on that finger, Mother will be determined to break us apart."

"How much do they know exactly?" she asked curiously. "Do they know what happened? Do they know we're having a baby? Do they know that we were... different?"

Trei smiled. "Yes, and they are fully supportive. It's Mother that you'll have a problem with. She's on the Betazed planetary ruling council, and we are the Fourth House. So it was expected for us to marry Betazoids, especially my sister. But Father doesn't care. He just wants us to be happy, and you make me happy."

Azusa blushed as they stepped into the turbolift. "Mess hall" she said after the doors closed. "You..." she paused. "You make me happy too"

Trei felt a rush of emotion both for her and from her. " you want to do it in the Holodeck? Those can do some amazing things now. My cousin went to a wedding by Holodeck. He was able to interact with the other guests, talk to the bride and groom, almost everything. Couldn't eat the food, but he could give his friend a hug. Both our families could be there."

"It could be an option" Azusa pondered as the turbolift stopped. "But lets not rush into anything" she said. "This is a commitment, and most people don't even know anything yet"

Trei nodded. "I don't have your ring yet." He paused. "Isn't that what humans do? A ring on the middle finger of your right hand?"

"Not the middle finger" Azusa said she held up her hand. "This finger" she indicated.

Trei nodded his understanding. "What kind of ring am I supposed to get? Just any old ring? And you understand you will have to put a necklace on me? It sort of lets other women know that I am claimed."

"I'm not really sure how it works" Azusa replied pondering for a moment. "I think it might be best to do some research into it all". They both reached the Mess Hall, it was busy as usual as they made their way over to the counter. "What do you fancy today?"

A waiter came over to them to take their orders. Trei turned to Azusa. "I have been hearing the human crew talk about something called bacon. What is it?"

"Its a type of red meat. It comes from an animal called a pig" Azusa explained. "Its a popular meat to eat in some countries on Earth" she told him. She wasn't the biggest fan of it being Japanese.

He eyed the human options, wondering what to choose. He knew she didn't like bacon, having felt a bit of dislike from her. "Okay...I'll try it." He stopped. "But I would be living with you. What would you suggest since you are human? In addition to bacon, and in your culture?"

"Erm... I don't really know..." Azusa said blushing slightly. "I guess we'll have to... you know... find out together?"

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