Rough timing on the Aroura

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The USS Aurora is sent to an unexplored region of space to do surveying. Captain Ka'Tock and his crew can relax a bit with a simple survey type mission that is tailored towards the objectives of the Nova Class.

Science and medical teams look forward to exploring uncharted world and anything new they encounter.

Hell's Gate

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The USS Aurora's first mission under their new captain would take them into a region of space where they would find something they never expecting; a form of travel that had only been encountered by one other vessel, the USS Enterprise-D under the auspices of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.


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The ship's nearly empty after a refit stole a year from the Aurora. But Daniel and his new crew get used to their new surroundings and prepare to explore anew.

Taking Wing

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The Aurora's first mission since her refit, she travels to a planetary system that is reporting the return of a life form the crew has dealt with once in the past.

Caverns of the mind

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The USS Aurora is given the assignment to divert from their logging of a Planetary System number 1907 to investigate a break in communications from a near by Star System where a Observation Team has ceased communication and not answered any hails in three scheduled check-in Transmissions.

The indiginous people of the Planet 2471 are cave dwellers along the technology of the Earth Stone Age. No rotine reports relayed and all communication has ceased. The equipment acknowledges remote check bit no personnel have manually acknowledged nor logged into equipment since time of communications break.

The Aurora is going in blind; no hints of what has happened, no distress beacons, just lack of communication. With the Observation Outpost operational there are few clues as to what has happened to the team assigned to observe and logg the society of Cave Dwellers.

What waits the Aurora on planet 2471?

Cloud Surfing

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The Aurora's newest mission to chart a dense, exotic nebula goes awry.

Making for a Hostile Environment.

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The USS Aurora is scanning a Biochemical storm encoutered en-route home. Fleet Command issues a top priority mission to check the a Colony nearest the Aurora. Changing course from Earth to investigate a distress call from a planet under Environmental Siege. The Aurora is the closest ship and tasked with evaluating the situation while other ships are scrambling in that direction.

What will the Crew and Captain find when they arrive on site? What exactly is a Environmental Siege and how can the crew help change the situation?