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About Business at hand...

Posted on Sun Oct 23rd, 2022 @ 6:13am by Captain Ka'Tock

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Mission: Making for a Hostile Environment.
Location: Colony


Ka'Tock was near the more central area of Colony two, he had been interacting with the Governing Body about the options they had left to them? While not a scientist himself he was still in command of a Science Ship, her lines along those of the older class of vessel from the past.

He was glad to be the Captain; yet, he sometimes wondered if he had taken more than he could chew in a 'Human' manner of speaking.

"Klingon,you are the Cap-tain of the Star Ship Yes..." The voice tone of the Ferengi are quite common if one had dealt with one he has just about heard them all.

"I am Captain Ka'Tock of the USS Aurora." Ka'Tock turned to face the 'Businessman.' "What can I do for you?"

Before him stood a typical Ferengi; nothing really special about the suit, he had to be working in an older cut after leaving Colony One. He bore the expression of a man hiding his plight and pushing the Confidence he could cut a deal, just what Ka'Tock had expected from a Ferengi.

In his wake was a sight that had him more concentrating on the second persona than the Ferengi. A lovely Orion; clothed in a smart Cocktail dress above the knees yet below the line that might require her to never bend over. Not all that diffrent from a waitress in a casino but the slightly plunged neckline with a satchel over her shoulder and a thick waist band circling her very demure figige at the mid point. The black nylons were sheer and nearly transparent, some sort of Vulcan silk variation he guessed. Her green eyes caught him off-guard, the spearkle is not one normally seen by a slave, she had a spark of something he could not put his hand upon.

"I need transport off this planet with my Goods that I can salvage and will pay..." The Ferengi began.

"I have a Science Vessel, if there is an exiting of the planet we are among the last to go." Ka'Tock pointed out.

"But who can come to my Business if they cannot Breathe the air?" "My lounge Girl will atest to how much of a loss this will all be, he held his hand out and she gave him a PADD from the satchel. "This should be sufficent to hire your ship to transport me and my wares to ..."

"We are working to stop the conversion process and get the Vessel to ... depart or at least cease the changing of atmosphere." Ka'Tock pointed out. "And how do you expect to get your Lady through customs, I hope she is not a slave as in Federation space or soil she has been freed you are aware of that by Federation Law."

"Oh Shetana, she is my servant, those are legal." The Ferengi waved his hand to get back to the conversation at hand. "SHe is in my monetary off under freight to be transported.

"A woman is not frieght." Ka'Tock raised his voice slightly. "If she wishes to change employment she is allowed."

"She is under a signed contract, by her own hand." The Business man defended. "The woman Shetana did slightly lower her head at the mention of her contract. "When her debt is cleared I will set her free, until then she is to be what I deem her to be as a Servant."

An old Earth historical reference from a previous century on the Human time line referred to an 'Indentured Servant' who became into the service of their masters to cover the expense of transport to the 'New World' as they called it.

"I have made a call to my Cousin, his ship will come but he charges me Four times the usual moving rate!"

"Guess you are not a "friend' in need, that is only Three times the rate from what I hear." He made eye contact with the Orion through the gaze under her eyelashes. "Maybe he is hoping to have extra profit from your losses?"

"I will made arrangements with him and perhaps her Debt will being absorbed will save me a debt and freight costs as my Cousin the '*******' ..." The translator did not have the terms in memory for the Ferengi slurs; the woman did cringe slightly.

"You sell the Woman to Loss margin?" He asked the Business man.

"Be it better someone else pay her costs than adding to my Losses. she is a valued asset but to cut the losses employees and charges are he best way to control profit margin."

"What is her debt; how long will it take her to pay it off?"

"That is not important; I must have my Business moved." The Businessman insisted. "Even if you manage to stop this disaster another will come, places like this become cursed and I do not wish to risk my profits on the chance you 'Might' be able to stop this calamity? There will be another; I can smell disaster in the air about."

"How much to pay her debt?" Ka'Tock crossed his arms and asked.

The Ferengi gave a price.

"Is that really what you expect to get when your business is in such peril?"

"Even a Klingon seeks to pick my pockets." The Business man snapped. "She is a valued commodity."

And her frieght costs to hold a debt?" Ka'Tock raised an eyebrow. "Is that good business?"

"What do you offer?" The Businessman now getting the hint.

Ka'Tock suggest a figure worth a quarter the amount.

"Are you crazy!"

"Think of losing her debt and not having to pay your cousin to transport her; if he does not accept a debt to offset you charge." Ka'Tock laughed. "What woman would a Ferengi deem worth taking one a debt from assure profit?"

The Ferengi held out a hand for his PADD and the removed the satchel from around Shetana's shoulder; she looked puzzled at him.

"As is..." The Ferengi said. "Her other clothing and belongings are extra." He sneered.

"Shetana," KaTock said softly. "Is there anything he has that you wish, as the man who has purchased your debt it is my responsibility to see you had the necessities of life and transport from here."

She shook her head. "I have nothing this Ferengi has not given me for my work to pay..." She began.

"Good, then go to the shuttle over here and wait with me while payment is in transit." Looking to the Ferengi. "I will have your payment within the hour, you have the Word of Captain Ka'Tock, that will be sufficient. I cannot cheat you in a Federation Court so will you accept this payment upon my honor for the transaction."

"A deal is a deal, but why have her near you?"

"Never let a purchase be out of your sight, by a less scrupulous Business man might have taken advantage and switched good while preparing it for delivery." Ka'tock glared. "I have had good Gagh that I bought fresh suddenly become stale while being crated for transport."

"I see..." The Ferengi agreed to wait.

It took almost an hour to get the funds made ready but the price was met and Ka'Tock strode away knowing that the demure woman would follow to the shuttle.

"Why?" Shetana asked when they stopped. "You bought my debt."

"Call it a kindness, I do not like how Ferengi treat ... women. It was only Latinum, I can get more if needed, a woman's freedom is worth a few tidbits to satisfy a Ferengi."

"I am your Ka'Tock, Klingon of..." She realized her mistake. "Please forgive me not asking you house before vowing myself to your service."

"Ka'Tock, Captain of the Aurora." He corrected. But I am setting you free."

"I owe you." Shetana got the sly smile of a cat. "By Orion tradition you bought me after I signed myself away, I am yours til I have that debt compensated ... properly."

Something in Ka'Tock was warming to the thought of Shetana being around, she was a beautiful woman, he had never seen more so, but honor would... not cover what he had done, no one had bought a Slave to free her in his experience.

Untying the sash around her waist she had a smile on her face. "I have something for my new master, you have inherited it with the deal.

Ka'Tock's eyes widened slightly but not enough to appear totally surprised.

Inside the sash; which was a money belt of sorts were some gems. "He forgot that I kept my 'Show Jewelry; which he had me wear to impress clients and other Ferengi was to be kept safe amongst my possessions when not in his safe." She smiled. "When we left the club he neglected to collect the Jewels." Winking in what might have been a seductive way. "He did say 'As Is' so all of me and what I had on my is yours."

I will return..." Ka'Tock did not want to be dishonored by stealing from a Ferengi.

"He took his Latinum he had to offer you he could have easily taken my sash..." She took his arm almost pleadingly. "Females are nothing to them, the gems in the ring to show off more wealth and impress, not to mention the shady deals he did to acquire them." She explained. "He cheated to get what he has with fine print..."

She shone a shade greener.

"I can witness to that. Keep them as my way of thanking you and to teach him a financial lesson." She tried to smile but was reluctant. "I signed the debt, by Orion Honor I must pay it back, this is your profit, I cannot claim it as you bought it with me. Your bargain..."

Looking into her sparkling eyes he wanted to hand her the gems for all she had suffer, but he felt she would have been hurt in her... honor as a n Orion, to be belittled.

"I shall put them to good use, get you some possessions." He put a hand up to stop her speaking. "In the Federation tradition yo are a free woman, but since you will not accept that allow me to get you things you will need to live in Federation Space at the cost of a Ferngi?"

Shetana smiled brightly and nodded her acceptance.


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