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Mission: Rough timing on the Aroura
Location: Conference Room


Ka'Tock had made the call for a staff meeting; arranging to have some refreshment waiting as this was going to be a short but very informitive parameters meeting.

The Gally had sent up a type of Contenental Breakfast set up and while most of the staff had lefy One remaoned to make last minute adjustment. A certain Catian of his aquaintance; namely what some might consider his Girlfriend if they really knew. She had come aboard officially with the newest rotation of crew to the Galley Staff.

The Skirted uniform that was modeled after the Fleet style of a skirt with Turtleneck and a small vest rather than tunic. SHe did look fetching as he realized she hurried to finish, her tail motion was a dead give away she knew he was there and trying to contain a more professional demeanor.

"Neesha, do not be so shy." Ka'Tock chuckled. "Not like the grapevine are unaware of your arrivial." He crossed over to take her hand and kiss the knuckle, being the most professional way to be at the moment.

Her heart that a putter to it, her tail swayed in that excited way that she cannot readily control.

"I knew not to jump into your arrrms at least." Neesha purred. "I will just say It is good to be seen." WInking went on her toes to give him a soft kiss. "I should get back." Smiling she turned to sashay out of the Conference room, lots of hip in her steps and a last casual glace over her shoulder just short of the door.

Ka'Tock watched her go while moving to the head of the table. to wait the entry of his staff for the briefing. Where a cup of his Favorate coffee waited, Neesha knew him well and it would be to his tastes; Neesha knew him well enough to prep for him.

Entering at a rush, Boudreau looked about the room and raised his eyebrows as he noticed he was the first to arrive. Everyone must be getting their space-legs back, he thought.

The scientist nodded in the direction of Ka'Tock. 'Captain. I hope your shoreleave was pleasant.'

Taking a last glance of the departing Neesha before answering.

"I got reacquainted with a friend." Ka'Tock mused. "It was very good to have the time away to spend time getting to know one another again." He nod. "Did you enjoy your time away?"

'I did,' Boudreau smiled, 'it was nice to get some time breathing different atmosphere you know?' Hearing the door hiss behind him, he shot a glance behind him, and his smile grew when he saw who stepped through the door.

Amber came in, followed shortly by Kym. Both women looked around. Amber nodded to the captain and Kym went over to Remy.

The tall lanky Andorian Chief Medical Officer walked into the room, her face expressionless as normal. Her antennae maneuvered from side to side, picking up vibrations and scoping the room interestedly. She made her way towards Amber and Ka'Tock. In her paradoxically soft and wispy voice she announced her presence, "Greetings."

"Hello, doctor," Amber said.

"Glad to see you Doctor." Ka'Tock nod to the CMO.

Azusa entered next, she quietly made her way to her usual seat and sat down. She looked a little pale today. She glanced over towards Zuub, knowing the doctor would recognise her pale and nauseousness.

Trei came in then, holding his usual padd. In place of his usual raktajino, he had decided to have the last of his herbdraught, from when he had met that Romulan at DS9. He had traded two batches of uttaberry muffins for some real, fresh Romulan herbdraught, the stuff that was never traded. Luckily, the Romulan was a captain and could share the muffins and also had control over the food.

He sat down next to Azusa, and then felt her nausea. He tried to keep his walls up, but he almost felt sick sitting next to her. He leaned close to her and whispered, "Are you okay?"

Azusa nodded. "I'll be ok" she said back to him quietly.

Paris strolled into the Conference room, mug in hand, as he immediately stopped. With a bit of a smirk on his face, he looked around the room, before say aloud. "Well... Well. Look at this lovely group of well adjusted humanoids." He took a sip from his mug before giving Amber a sly wink. "How was everyone's shore leave?" He looked over to Azusa and Trei and held back a comment about their situation before holding up his finger towards them. "No need to go into you two... I am afraid the whole ship already knows how you two are getting on." He focus turned to Trei as he added. "Bold choice, mate... except I would have gone for someone who actually met the height requirement for more fair ground rides." Paris let out a laugh before walking away and taking a seat by Amber. "I kid, of course." He smirked before taking another sip from his mug.

Azusa's cheeks turned a bright shade of crimson. She hadn't told anyone about her current condition yet apart from the people she needed to tell. No doubt the rumours on such a small ship had already got around like wildfire. She simply looked down at the table averting her gaze.

"There were several people who had some...unusual encounters recently," Amber said, trying to deflect attention from Azusa's embarrassment. Very few people knew of her pregnancy, and as far as she knew, Paris wasn't one of them. Not yet, anyway.

"I think we can all use a little work to break up all the Socializing." Ka'Tock tried that human humor approach. "Since we are here I thought we might get a start on the next assignment." Looking up at the assembly of his officers. "We are going on assignment that is what this ship is designed for, some deeper space survey, star mapping and generally getting to know more about the universe around us."

Nodding he took his seat finally.

"They are projecting a three month initial survey with extension if it become more interesting of course."

The Andorian's antennae relaxed. Star mapping was not something that was likely to cause the crew any pain. That also meant that she could work on her own research and explore more forms of play. There were many crew that she had not yet encountered.

"Do we have any preliminary data on where we're going?" Amber asked.

The unexplored arm in the sector closer to Romulan space, well aside from Neutral Zone but a section of space well established in treaty with Romulans as safe for us to not step on their toes one might say. Just preliminary scans from long range probes to give us a rough mapping to start , we get the fine job of exploring and identifying the solar systems in the general survey area and expound or report any first encounters or significant point of interest for future scientific or diplomatic missions."

'No specific parameters on what we're to be looking for?' Boudreau leaned in excitedly. This would be the first time he would serve on an exploration mission of any duration that had such open parameters.

"Nope. As we aren't sure what to look for, it's pretty open," Amber said, smiling. She knew exactly how Remy felt. There was nothing like being the first ones to explore a system.


"Are there any scans of the area from other ships?" Amber asked. She could look, but it really was a job for Science.

Boudreau shrugged, 'some basic long-range scans. Enough to point out some basic points of interest, but nothing in-depth.'

"Good. A few places to start and then it's up to us," the first officer replied.

"What they say about Piloting seems to be similar to a survey, 98% boring and 2% the exciting unknown." Ka'Tock commented. "It is the assignment we have drawn so I know you will all do our best, be nice to have a routine mission for once."

Looking about he could not think of anything more that could be relayed until they are in route.

"I think that covers everything." Ka'Tock nod. "Make final preps for departure and next meeting will be nearing the first system to be surveyed. That will be all, thank you for your diligence in preparations, meeting adjourned.





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