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Coming out of a daze

Posted on Fri Feb 3rd, 2023 @ 1:23pm by Lieutenant JG Tessa Nicoles & Lieutenant Zuub

1,394 words; about a 7 minute read

Mission: Making for a Hostile Environment.
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: Backpost, first days of travel to Terraformer.

Zuub applied the cortical stimulators to Tessa after firmly securing her to a contained biobed. Letting Dr. Nicoles out was a danger to the ship. Privately, however, Zuub wondered how the doctor would be when she was normal. Zuub had no preferences as to her chosen mates, whether animate or inanimate objects, just so long as they were interesting. She wondered if this contagion would change that for her, as it apparently changed things for Tessa.

Whatever had happen to Nicoles she was beginning to get a grasp on realty to a degree, at least she was becoming aware of her surrondings and the fact she was on a Biobed. SHe relexively tried to move a hand only to realize restraints are in place. Moving her arms and legs, which were more bare than she recalled on her 'Date.' The fact meant she was in sick Bay and someone had put her in one of those oversized shirts they called a gown that was shorter than a 2260's uniform skirt and not at all easy to keep one's self from embarrassing exposure in any position other than straight.

Looking about she noted some pressure; cordial stimulators by the footprint on her head, meant a procedure.

"What; May I ask, procedure do Yew think Yew are going to Dew Doctor?" Nicoles asked.

"Do?" Zuub asked, her antennae leaning in thoughtfully. "The fact that you are asking that question suggests that things appear to be working." Her antennae leaned forward interested in the bio readings that monitored Tessa's brain. "How are you feeling?"

"A ball-peen hammer inside mah skull." Nicoles replied as she looked to the Chief Medical Officer. "I also have a but of a buzzing as the body seems to be adjusting." She had to focus her vision. "How badly did my little 'Ole' personality stint affect mah standing as Ah said some mean things and being taught better should not have been so... nasty?"

"I'm not a counselor," Zuub replied with her antennae whirling about unsteadily. "However, my guess is that you will be forgiven. Everyone who was around is aware that you were affected. So, you cannot truly be held accountable for your actions."

Is that really an ex-cuse for bad behavior?" Nicoles remarked. "Ah thought I was brought up better and now I have to realize my training to be a lady is a bit... off." She sighed. "Yew know that things are not so great with what happened, the headache that is left over from all this is something I would almost like the option of decapi-tation if I were not so dang tired.?"

"How can you be held accountable for your mind reverting to something that functioned only on the most basic of instincts? Were you to completely revert, you would have not even thought about anything more than procreation and survival." The Andorian's antennae leaned in sympathetically. "Now, as to the headache, that will take more time. I will rebalance your electrolytes. Hopefully that will offset some of the effects of this unique cure."

"Can yew'all flavor them like a Julip?" Tessa asked.

The Andorian's antennae started to whirl erratically. "Exactly what is that?"

"It is a little drink from the South on Earth." Tessa said. "Ah tend to take them when I am kind a down."

"I will see what I can do," Zuub answered empathetically.

"It is a cool drink that is easy on a sore or dry throat." She smiled.

"Stay there," Zuub informed Tessa with a rare bit of humor. "I will be right back." She went to a medical replicator and said, "Computer, please formulate the proper amount of electrolytes to place in a julep to assist with Lieutenant Nicoles headache."

The computer responded, "A julep contains alcohol commonly known as bourbon or whiskey, which would negatively affect such treatment."

Zuub's antennae twirled confused at Tessa's request and said, "Please replace alcohol with synthahol and utilize the electrolytes in said drink."

"Acknowledged," the computer answered. The drink appeared shortly thereafter.

Zuub carried the drink over to Tessa and said, "I could not make you a Julep in a traditional sense. You did not inform me that it contained alcohol. As you know, medical replicators do not have the synthahol restriction on them. Therefore, I substituted synthahol for the alcohol. I hope it is to your liking." She allowed Tessa to sit up and handed her the drink.

"Yew are a sweetheart Doctor Zuub." Tessa accepted the drink. "It is the cold tartness that I really want." She winked. "Thank Yew ma'am."

"You're welcome," Zuub responded, her antennae leaning forward and twittering happily. "If the others' progress is any indication, you should be ready for service in approximately two days. Until then, you will continue to have this treatment and will need to relax. I advise a good deal of water."

"Yew are lovely company and all; yet, I was wondering when I might be able to hide in my own quarters for a bit?" Nicoles blushed. "AH do feel so embarrassed about what I have done and ... well , A lady does not emote in public yew know?"

"I've never heard that," Zuub answered, her antennae alternating between leaning in towards Nicoles and whirling confused. "I emote all the time." Zuub's face betrayed no emotions because an Andorian's face did not have that capability. However, her antennae continued to whir about.

"We Bells are a little more reserved and shy with out feelings and attentions." Nicoles watched the antennae. "You have a cute manner of... emoting though."

"Bells? You do not look like a noise maker," Zuub replied, confused. Her antennae started lashing about more wildly. She then heard that Nicoles thought her manner of expression was cute. Zuub's antennae started to slow and then wriggled in a small writhing motion, her interest now piqued. "You like my antennae?'

"Why yes, they give you'all character." Nicoles complemented. "Helps to make you distinct."

The Andorian's antennae writhed more slowly and interested. "However, all Andorians have antennae. So how do these particular ones make me distinct?"

"Not just a little ole antenne that make you unique but how that look and move with Yew." Nicoles complemented. "It is a part of the whole, that is what makes you distinct, I just like how your antennae accent Yew."

Zuub tilted her head and her antennae started to whirl and wobble uncertainly. "You are an interesting specimen, Lieutenant Nicoles."

"Why thank yew, Ah think..." Her Sothern drawl a little more pronounced. "If you look at the whole person that makes them distinct." She shrugged. "Human are not all that different, we have no real outstanding physical notes like Yew or the ears of a Vulcan, the dominating stature of a Klingon or the dark eyes of a Betazoid. So one has to taken in all of the person to see what makes them special, or so if yew want to see the best in people."

"I disagree," the Andorian doctor replied flatly. "Terrans have a number of unique distinctions. Melanin varies highly causing numerous different pigments, for one example."

Tessa giggled a bit.

"Ah see you are right, just so used tew it Ah take that for granted with all yew other people to meet and all." Tilting her head she look at the Doctor. "I am going to be aal -right soon? Not one to be Lazying in a Sick Bay when there is healin and all?"

"Another few hours in the biobed and then you should be ready to return to your normal life, I suspect." Zuub's antennae wobbled uncertainly. "However, I think that you would be restricted from carnal relations for at least twenty four hours from release, just to be certain that you cannot transmit. And, I think that we will keep you off duty until then, as well."

"That is tew bad, I thought we were getting along so well like." Nicoles smiled. "I suppose we should put things off til tomorrow as I will be enjoy mint julips and some reading I suppose until I can get mah medi-cal uniform out of the closet?"

The Andorian's antennae leaned forward and after a pause started to whirl erratically, as if the doctor was having difficulty with her inner monologue. "Yes, tomorrow will be a better time to discuss any play."



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