Posting Policy

1. Each player is expected to post once every two weeks. This can be your PC or PNPC.

2. Please respond to each tag to your character/s within five calendar days of being tagged. By the same token, do not wait to answer a tag if you don't have a good reason.

3. Don't rely on emails to tell you if you have a tag. Log in to your sim/sims at least once a week.

4. Posts should not be excessively short. (Solo posts and personal logs should be at least 300 words, preferably 400 or more. Joint posts should be at least 600 words, preferably 800 or more. Splitting posts should be in 1000 word segments or so. Solo posts should be split around 800 words. Do not split a joint post that is shorter than 1600 words.)

5. Although we all do it from time to time, try not to answer a tag with a couple of words only. Most of the time, it is hard for the other person to have to come up with everything. (Granted, you can usually leave two tags and still be fine.)

6. DO NOT write for another Player Character or PNPC. If necessary, you can mention them being in the room/post, but you cannot have them talk or act, except to walk in or out of the room or do something equally innocuous.

7. Do not rewrite another person's tag. Fixing typos is fine as we all miss words from time to time, but do not go beyond that. No one is expected to be perfect so don't rewrite to make something grammatically correct unless it's a major grammatical error. Do not change one form of English for another.

8. If you are unable to tag for four to fourteen days, you can either put yourself on LOA or send the CO or crew a PM informing them of such. If you PM just the CO, please let him or her know the duration of your LOA and if you are in any posts that need attention.

ELOA is for an absence of two to four weeks. This requires you to tell your CO why you are leaving (you don't need to give details) and how long you'll be gone. It is up to the CO if you will be allowed to remain on the sim if your leave is longer than four weeks.

9. Although it shouldn't need to be stated, if you are on LOA or ELOA you are not expected to tag. However, you should expect others to continue the post/mission/story without you.