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Azusa Calls Home

Posted on Sat Jun 11th, 2022 @ 11:17pm by Lieutenant Azusa Nakano

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Mission: Making for a Hostile Environment.
Location: Azusa's quarters

Azusa stared at the computer console in silence. The faint hum of the ships warp engines heard through vibrations of the hull was the only sound in the room. She shook her head as she slowly reached out to touch the control panel, her hand shaking. Quickly she withdrew it and spun around in the chair. Both hands now on her knees she breathed heavily, taking long deep breaths. Her heart pounded like a blacksmiths hammer against her ribcage.

She ran a hand over her belly. The foetus inside her grew slowly, the result of what had happened between herself and Trei a few weeks ago. Finally she tool one last big breath before turning back to the console, her hand still shook as she reached out and tapped on the smooth surface of its control panel.
‘Connecting’ showed on the screen as she waited with baited breath.

Finally after a few long gruelling minutes face appeared on the screen. The woman in her late fifties smiled as she answered.
“Azusa dear. You haven’t called home in a long time” she began. Miho Nakano seemed delighted to be talking over long range subspace communications with her only daughter. “So, what warrants the occasion? Is your ship coming back into port?”
“It’s nothing like that. I just have some things I want to tell you. Is... Dad home?”

“Is that Azusa?!” a raised rather excited voice exclaimed from behind Miho. Azusa sighed, that answered her question as her father appeared on screen. Mr Azura Nakano looked of similar age to his wife and wore rectangular glasses that clung to his sleek slender nose.

“So, what’s up Kiddo? Hoes outer space treating you?”
“Well. Some stuff has happened which I need to... talk to you about”

The faces of Miho and Azura seemed to change to that of concern. “Start from the start dear” Miho replied softly.
“That start. Well OK...” Azusa paused for a moment. “So, recently a few weeks ago I ran into the ships Chief of Security whilst I was on the holodeck...”

“Are you in trouble? What was he doing?!” Azura burst out. Azusa held out her hands shaking them. “Nothing, and no. I’m not in trouble. Stop being so protective!”

“I’m allowed to be. I’m your father and your my little girl!” Azura huffed. Azusa cheeks began to flush with colours of Scarlet. “Dad... I’m not a little girl anymore!”

“Go on dear. Ignore him” Miho cut in much to Azusa’s relief.
“So basically. He asked me out and you know... we started to see each other on our off hours” she paused again still blushing as she glanced away at the screen. “But nothing you know...” she was still embarrassed to say it “sexusl happened”
“So who is he?” Azura asked cutting in once again, his eyes narrowing, scrutinizing his daughters every word and facial expression.

“His name is Trei. Trei Jansum he’s...”
“Is he Human?”
“Does that matter dad? And no, he’s Betazoid” Azusa snapped back quickly. Azura stared at her, his eyes still narrow but keeping a strict look on his face.
“So basically. We went on this away mission to an alien planet. There was some sort of insect, at least from what I’ve been told that infected both of us”

“Are you OK? Did it hurt you badly?” Miho asked this time holding a hand out to the screen. Azusa shook her head. “No, bit it did repress something in our brains. The doctor had a long complicated word for it. It made us mentally de-evolve into something like basic cavemen”

Miho gasped, clasping both hands to her mouth. “You de-evolved? That’s awful. I told you that you should never have gone into Starfleet! Weird things happen out there!”
“No its fine, really” Azusa waved off her mother. “However, things happened since we lost all basic reasoning...”
“Things?” the voice of her father seemed curious, if not a little frustrated. “Tell us straight Azusa, stop beating around the bush”

Azusa sighed, her fathers impatience had always annoyed her. “Fine... When we were like that. Trei and I had sex because he was already attracted to me and chose me as a mate. As a result of this, I’m pregnant with his child!”
Silence fell across the conversation. Azusa looked down, her hands clasped to her knees shaking, she didn’t dare to look up. She could only imagine what her pare to faces looked like right now.

“Show me”
Azusa looked up slightly confused at her father’s request. “Show you?” She questioned.
Azura nodded. “Yes. Show me your belly. Let me see this for myself!” He demanded.
“No dad! Plus, you wouldn’t be able to see anything anyways. Its far too early to even tell from the outside!”
Azura nodded and then gave her a small smile. “Do you love this Trei?” he asked. Azusa’s heart began to pound again in her chest, the question alone seemed to hurt as she played with the answer in her head.

Did she love him? Could it be called that? How did she truly feel about all this? She wasn’t really sure how to answer.
“I think I do... yeah. I do” she replied after a few tense seconds.
“That’s all I need to know” Azura said simply noticeably folding his arms. “But”

Azusa knew this was coming. “It’s traditional to be wed in Japanese culture before creating a family. I’m not sure how it works for Betazoids, but I want to walk you down to the aisle if you’re carrying my grandchild”

Azusa nodded. “We haven’t... discussed it. But that may be a while. We are in deep space a d we’re still working things...”
“Azusa. As long as you don’t give birth to a bastard child, I can accept him or her. Our traditions ask that of you at least”
“Leave her alone dear. She’s gone through enough. It must be hard on them both” Miho interrupted before turning to her daughter. “Do what you think of right dear. Your father is old fashioned, but it’s your life and you’ll have our blessing regardless...” she looked at her husband. “Won’t she dear”
“Well...” Mihos hand emerged and grabbed his ear, twisting sharply. “I said. She WILL have our blessing regardless, WON’T SHE DEAR”

Azura surrender. “Yes. Of course”
Azusa couldn’t help but smirk. Her mother had always had a way to control her father.

“Tell Trei, we look forward to meeting him dear. I hear that Betazoid men make excellent fathers. But do check in with us more often please, we do miss you and live you”
“I love you too. Its just hard” Azusa replied.
“You’re a strong girl. Now, it’s late so go get some rest. Plenty of healthy food, that baby in your belly is relying on you now. Make sure he or she is healthy”

“I will mum. I’ll call again soon” she said. Both of her parents nodded before the call was terminated. Moving over to the long floor to ceiling mirror she stood in front of it and pulled up her uniform. Gazing at her now bare flat belly she wondered what would happen next.

“Don’t worry” she whispered. “Mummy and daddy will be here for you. And now your grandmother and grandfather will also be there to help you” she said as if speaking to the baby inside her. “I just hope, you’ll grow up right and show me how to be a mother”

She shook her head, lowered her uniform and disappeared into the bedroom. At least now she could sleep easier.

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