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Checking Out the Planet

Posted on Sat Jul 16th, 2022 @ 1:08pm by Lieutenant JG Ronen Kym & Captain Ka'Tock & Lieutenant Azusa Nakano & Lieutenant Trei Jansum & Lieutenant Remy Boudreau & Lieutenant Zuub
Edited on on Thu Oct 6th, 2022 @ 4:14am

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Mission: Making for a Hostile Environment.
Location: Planetside


Ronen Kym was the first to arrive in the shuttle bay. She wasn't sure if there was a need for a counselor, but if anyone on the planet needed to talk, she'd be there to help.

A tall Andorian stepped into the Shuttle Bay. She had a medical tricorder and medical supplies in a clipped bag at her side. She looked down at Ronen Kym and noticed the traditional Bajoran ridge. More interesting to Zuub, however, was the distinct lack of irises. The Bajoran was part Betazoid. There was a story there to tell, Zuub was sure and Zuub's desire to explore Ronen was becoming greater with every step toward her. Her antennae started writing in anticipation. In a soft, wispy, unemotional voice, Zuub said, "I do not believe that we have met. I am Chief Medical Officer, Zuub."

"Only casually, in the briefing," Kym said. "But we haven't formally met. I'm Ronen Kym. I'm a counselor."

Zuub's antennae leaned in forward. "Ah, does that work well with the Captain, a former counselor? We should collaborate more as our fields are closely intertwined."

Kym was sure there would be times, like this, when she and the doctor would work together, but her other question puzzled her. "Does what work with the Captain?"

Miis stepped onto the shuttle deck with barely suppressed excitement. It was his first Away Mission as a crewmember aboard the Aurora. The junior Operations officer was hoping to impress and bring his expertise to bear. Adjusting the kit bag he was carrying he approached the other officers with a wave.

'Ensign Miis reporting, sirs.'

Ka'Tock was handling the Pre-flight checks on the shuttle; it was good to be at the helm of something at least. Running the power systems through the warm-up sequence he had nearly completed all the checks and would just need the personnel to arrive.

Azusa was next to arrive looking rather sheepish as she stepped into the shuttle with her engineering tool kit.

"Hi," Kym said to Azusa. "Good to see you again."

Azusa nodded. "Yeah" she replied quietly. "I hope this goes well..." she added with a slight sigh.

Kym was a little surprised by the reaction, but didn't show it. She smiled. "It should."

Trei arrived last, having taken a phaserifle from a security crewman who was doing routine maintenance on them; he was so green, he could have been a plant. Trei looked at Azusa, already very worried about her well-being. He would protect the others too, of course, but there is always the urge to protect the one carrying your child.

"Please take your seats this is going to be a fly by wire to stay hidden so no smooth straight line flight." Ka'Tock warned. "Have you even been on an Amusement Park ride?" He grinned in that Klingon way.

Trei smiled. He'd always loved what humans called roller coasters. He'd been on many while at the Academy. He put the restraints over his legs and chest. He was looking forward to this.

Zuub buckled herself in next to Kym. Even sitting down, her height was towering above others. Any thrill would be pleasurable to Zuub. "I assure you that I can handle anything a Klingon could throw at me," the Doctor told the Captain in a casual manner.

"That's good to know. But hopefully it won't be necessary," Kym replied. "I hope we'll be dealing with colonists. They've been through enough without an invasion force."

"There have not relayed reports of an invasion force as yet." Ka'Tock interjected. "But I am taking a steep angle of approach to keep us from being a target."

The shuttle circled the colony before landing a short distance away. One everything was secured, the hatch opened for the team to meet the colonists.

The area surrounding the Colony was cleared more than usual to be a type of Firing area and the Shuttle was just outside this so not to be targeted.

The first wave of people came from the outer buildings, what looked to be the Elders of the Colony approached the shuttle.

Craning his neck, Miis tried to get a good look at the colonists approaching the shuttle through the closest viewport. 'Quite the crowd,' he observed.

"Indeed," Kym said.

She turned to face the group. "Hello. We're from the USS Aurora. How can we be of help?"

Zuub added, "Are you in need of medical assistance?"

Miis held up his case, 'maybe some maintenance?'

A man stepped forward. "The northern side of the colony was hit pretty hard. We have some that's in need of more help than we can give 'em. Power in that area is down." He looked them over. "Any of you know what to make of that ship up there?"

The Trill shrugged, 'as far as we can determine the ship doesn't intend harm. The side-effects of its program, however ... well, that's been clear to see.'

"What, to kill everyone on the planet?" the man asked.

The man nodded to Miis. "Yes. We need help."

"Then, point me in the direction of anyone that requires medical assistance and I will be glad to take care of that part," Zuub responded, her antennae fluctuating between leaning inward and circling about.

The man nodded and led Zuub off to treat the wounded. Kym followed, hoping there would be some who needed a good counselor.

A few buildings away they found the majority of the wounded.

Jansum approached the Captain. "Sir, with your permission, I would like to scout the perimeter and set up a staggered rotation to watch it again. If the other aliens do come down, I want to know before they reach us here. I'd also like to work with Boudreau to scan the atmosphere for any signs of ships on the same rotation scheme, but at different times."

"Thus far there are no reports of any other operations aside from the Orbital station, but you are the Security Chief so work with the Colony People to see what needs done and what you can do.

Trei nodded. "Aye, sir." He headed off, heading for the cluster of Colony leaders.

Zuub started to triage the wounded, trying to determine from any of the colonists what happened over all and how she could help.

Kym found a small group of colonists and went over to them, smiling. "Hello. My name is Kym. Could you tell me what happened?"

They looked at her, saying nothing. "Okay. I'm not going to push. I'm a counselor, and we're here to help." When they still said nothing, she nodded and went on to another group. They could come to her when and if they wanted to talk.

Pulling out his tricorder, Miis began scanning. As he made passes in his long stride, he noticed that most of the buildings in the colony were less than fine. He sighed softly. It looked like it was going to need more than just him and his toolkit to help these guys out.

Trei went over to the leaders of the colony and said, "Excuse me. Who is the head of security for the colony? I'm Lieutenant Jansum and thought you could use my help."

A woman standing 5 ft 8 in in height stepped away slightly, her red hair in a ponytail and her lithe body moved with measured grace to stand before Jansum.

Teila Maccon, you might say I am the sheriff in town. " She offered a handshake. "And thus far we are just getting everyone situated, no hostiles as yet."

The tall Betazoid took one step forward, shook her hand, and stepped back. Being a tall man with long limbs in proportion to his torso, he had to be more careful than others. He looked her up and down and thought to himself, Is this really the sheriff? This little wisp of a woman? Then he shrugged mentally. Li at the Academy was a terror and she was shorter than her. Aloud he said, "Please to make your acquaintance. I'm here to help. What can I do?"

"I know that look from a man, she took his wrist and using a Martial move of a shoulder roll her Judo style move took Jansun over and onto his back. "I am able to keep the peace and do my Job Security Lieutenant." She was not even breathing hard.

He had the nerve to laugh. "Consider me warned," he said. As he got to his feet, he gave her a much different kind of look, one of respect. "Well, you're in charge, Sheriff. Where do you need me?"

Kym nodded to the woman. "I'm a counselor. I can talk to anyone you think needs some help. If you don't need me, I'd like to look at your computer and get as much information as I can about the attack to send back to the ship."

The woman motioned to a short, balding man to lead Kym to a computer.

Azusa gripped her tool kit tightly. "I'm Lieutenant Nakano. The Aurora's Chief Engineer. I hope I can be helpful" she said introducing herself to the sheriff.

"Wonderful." The woman beamed. "If you and the doctor will follow me, I'll take you both to where we need you."


Commander Ka'Tock
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Zuub
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Trei Jansum
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Azura Nakano
Chief Engineer

Lieutenant JG Ronen Kym


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