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Reporting Home

Posted on Mon Jan 30th, 2023 @ 5:34am by Captain Ka'Tock

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Mission: Making for a Hostile Environment.
Location: Ready Room

Captains Log.

I am fair to say that the SHip and her crew have done another fine job with a first encounter that never had formal interacton with the race itself. The automation of what can only be deemed a 'Colony Ship' by all accounts.

The automated systems deployed mechanisms that work as Terra Forming a planet to the needs of the Colonists left in hibernation. The on board computer chose the Federation Colonized world for transformation; the race in question live in a more Methane environment than the Average Federation standard. The machines were effecting changes on the Colony when the Aurora arrived.

The Captain paused to take a drink of Coffee.

The Science Section did a fine job of identifying the problem and on an away mission established a connection to the On-Board computer. The program was scanned and the true porpose and requirements for the Alien Colonist discovered red. THanks to the efforts of the Chief of Science and team doing a cross scans with STellar Chartography located a planet within the sector ad just out of the automation's sensory capasity to be closer to the ALien's required habitat, thus saving decades of terraforming to achieve the goal of Terra Forming a planet 'Not' occupied. THe coordinates were relayed to The Colony Ship's Computer with survey data.

The computer stopped Terra forming operations; began retreving the equipment while the Auroa maintain vigil and clearing what Colonist wished transfer off the world that we coud fit in the Limited capasity of our ship. By the time relief from Flotilla 024 arived to continue the evacuation and observation of Colony Ship.

The Captain again took a drink to wet his throat.

The Auroa broke orbit and set a course for the STar Base of Operations, we will be doing a resupply and recreation for the crew over a ten Day period.

On a personal note: I do admit the timing is perfect as there is a woman I met on last visit to the station and am looking forward to continued relations. Dating is hard enough without complecating it over Sub-Space. I have arranged a Lounge Job for her should she accept it and become a member of the Auora?
We are nin days out frm the station and then the weary Federation Colonists can be processed to any available Colony they choose.

End report.

Transmitted to Headquarters.



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