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Lieutenant Remy Boudreau

Name Remy Theophilus Boudreau

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 210lbs
Hair Color Dark brown / black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description At average height for a human, there is little to distinguish Remy from a crowd, except his blue eyes and powerful frame.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Pierre T. Boudreau
Mother Clemy Boudreau
Brother(s) Pierre, Renaud
Sister(s) Acadia
Other Family Various aunts and uncles scattered across Earth, Lunar colonies and the Federation.

Personality & Traits

General Overview An avid outdoorsman, Remy believes the body is as important as the mind and treats himself accordingly, enjoying the discipline and routine physical exercise brings him. When on-duty he can maintain a laser-like focus when needed but knows how to relax in his downtime. Some underestimate him for his slow drawl and accent, but Remy is a competitive person and wishes to excel in all areas of his life.
Strengths & Weaknesses A competitive nature and analytical mind are the best attributes Remy has, he feels. He has a wide-ranging interest in the sciences and always tries to keep on top of his brief. As a natural athlete he can turn his hand to many different sports, but absolutely loves kickboxing and weightlifting aboard ship.

Professionally his weaknesses are his lack of skills at any type of ranged combat or piloting. Although akin to science, he also has little proficiency or patience for Engineering or Operations work. On occasion his single-minded pursuit of what suits him best, and his laser-like focus have landed him in trouble.
Ambitions Deep space exploration mission aboard a science ship he captains.
Hobbies & Interests Canoeing, swimming, kayaking, climbing and hiking are his favourite outdoor pursuits. Remy is a prolific reader, with a wide range of interests. Weightlifting and kickboxing are favoured ways of keeping fit. Cooking and dancing are also favoured pastimes.

Personal History Remy Theophilus Boudreau was born on a warm summer’s day in Lafayette, Louisiana. His father, a Louisianan Cajun with a line that stretched back to the earliest colonists in the region, was a minor civil servant in the United Earth governmental structure, and part-time Government and Ethics lecturer at the local university in Lafayette. His mother, Clemy Boudreau, a Minnesotan who had moved to Louisiana for work, was a full-time English Literature lecturer at the university.

Life growing up in Louisiana was idyllic, particularly in the 24th century. Remy loved the weather patterns that governed an Acadiana day – he was later to develop a fascination with the weather computers that governed Earth’s weather patterns – and spent much of his time outdoors. As an avid outdoorsman himself, Remy’s father encouraged his children to spend as much time in nature as was possible for a working family. He remembers fondly childhood camping trips across Louisiana and up into his parent’s favourite boltholes in the Appalachian Mountains. His mother would relate the ancient folk tales and spooky stories of the areas, and Remy delighted in stories of the mysterious and unidentified creatures some of the more bizarre stories related. He even managed to convince himself that one time he saw a Bigfoot in the trees, leading to an intense interest that only childhood could engender. Although today he acknowledges that bigfoot probably doesn’t exist, there’s still a stuffed bigfoot toy on his shelf that betrays his childhood hope it is.

It was during these childhood years that he found his love of the water, taking to it almost like a fish. There was nothing better on a hot Louisiana day than going swimming in a lake near the family home. As he got older, his father would often take him canoeing in the bayou, or out sailing in a pirogue he owned.

His idyllic childhood was interrupted abruptly at the age of ten, when martial law was declared on Earth. For the first time, the bright child became aware of life beyond his family and Lafayette. It was a long time before the low, background feeling of unease Remy experienced eased. As he grew older, watching the galaxy slide into war, so the idea that he could possibly one day make a difference.

As the teen got older, he discovered that his passion for cryptids transferred into an interest in the biology of real creatures. As his chemistry and physics classes became more complex, he also found that he took to them, enjoying the more challenging scientific aspects. By the mid-2370s, Remy knew he would be pursuing a career in science, somehow.

With the aftermath of the Dominion War, the teen noticed how drained the Federation and her allies had been by the conflict. Relatively safe on Earth from the conflict, his family had still been touched by death as relatives perished in the great conflict. Remy had also absorbed the propaganda messages broadcast during the war, and at the age of fifteen in 2377, he set his heart on pursuing his scientific dreams through Starfleet.

The end of the War also enabled his family to travel again. Now that the children were older, the Boudreau parents began to venture further with their family, making at least a yearly trip to family on the Lunar colonies. Here, Boudreau would help occasionally in a family-owned, Cajun-influenced restaurant. It was during these trips that he discovered a life-long love of cooking and food.

As he got older and closer to graduating, Remy found himself falling into kickboxing and weightlifting as ways of keeping fit. He quickly found that he enjoyed the discipline and concentration required for both disciplines.
In 2380, Remy graduated high school in Lafayette, and applied to Starfleet Academy. He passed the entrance exam and was slated to begin later that year. He was beyond excited, and quickly determined to take as many science-based courses as was possible.

Although not a hick by any standard, Remy found San Francisco and the Academy to be a shock. He’d never come across such a diversity of peoples as he found there. Initially, he struggled at the Academy, particularly with a group of cadets who looked down on Remy and his accent, labelling him a country bumpkin. This changed when he was invited to the Olympic Weightlifting and Kickboxing teams at the Academy, allowing him to tap into his fiercely competitive nature and to relax. Gradually he improved at his studies, and it wasn’t long before he had built a firm circle of friends he enjoyed taking on trips to his home state and the Appalachians when possible.

The concerns of those cadets who sneered at this funny accent were soon banished from his mind.

He quickly specialised in Astro-anomalies, enjoying the study of wormholes, black holes and quasars. Remy was particularly fascinated by the temporal warping caused by each of the bodies and spent his dissertation year on a small research station monitoring a black hole.
Following his dissertation, Remy opted to study further at the Academy, in order to gain his PhD. To this end, he was assigned to the USS Archimedes in order to catalogue spatial anomalies for his study. He spent an agreeable four years aboard the vessel as she traipsed around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants on short-duration exploration missions.

In 2388 after eight years as an Academy student, Remy successfully defended his thesis and was granted his doctorate. Relieved, Remy began looking ahead again, and opted to transfer away from the Oberth-class vessel that had been his home for four years.

The 26-year-old quickly found himself assigned to another remote research station, this time on Alpha Trion IV. Though the work was interesting, and research project Athena agreeable, he found he struggled with being stuck in one place for most of his time – there was no palpable sense of forward motion or exploration that bothered him. It didn’t help that the surface of Trion was so toxic it was impossible for him to venture out and hike or canoe down a river. Living inside a dome became oppressive, despite the holodecks.

He opted for another transfer at the end of the project in 2390. Remy was quickly assigned to the Excelsior-class USS Baghdad as a general science officer. During exploration at the far expanse of the Beta Quadrant, he found that he was in place that allowed him to excel, and he quickly rose through the positions in his department, becoming Assistant Chief Science Offcer in 2393.

During an encounter during that year, however, the Baghdad was rendered inoperable. A freak incidence involving the ship’s warp-bubble interacting with a swarm of micro-wormholes sent the ship into a spin inside subspace. Only some quick thinking by his department and Engineering allowed the crew to eject the warp core at warp, and return the ship to sublight velocities, but ripped the nacelles from the main body of the ship.

The Baghdad and her crew drifted for several days before a small taskforce despatched in response to their distress signal arrived. Though towed to spacedock, Starfleet ultimately decided to scrap the aged Excelsior vessel, and transfer the crew across fleet. Remy found himself assigned to the USS Aurora as Chief Science Officer in recognition of his quick thinking aboard the Baghdad in 2394.
Service Record 2384-88 – Cadet Science Officer, USS Archimedes
2388-2390 – Stellar Anomaly Specialist, Far Horizon Science Station
2390-2393 – Science Officer, USS Baghdad
2393-93 – Assistant Chief Science Office, USS Baghdad
2394 – Chief Science Officer, USS Aurora