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Hostile detours (Part IV)

Posted on Thu Jul 29th, 2021 @ 8:58am by Lieutenant Commander Amber Quinn & Lieutenant JG Ronen Kym & Captain Ka'Tock & Lieutenant Trei Jansum & Lieutenant Remy Boudreau & Lieutenant Zuub & Lieutenant JG Paris Deville
Edited on on Mon Aug 2nd, 2021 @ 3:59pm

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Mission: Making for a Hostile Environment.


He sat back down, looking around, before stopping at the Captain. "However, its going to take precise calculations and timing. Knowing how long to use warp. Timing it so that we warp in exactly where we need. Too soon, or too far, and we risk being detected. Not to mention making sure the warp is precise. We don't want to warp out and slam into the moon." He looked around the table. "For those following at home, that would be a bad scenario." Paris looking back to the Captain. "I have confidence we can pull it off, but if you are looking for options, sending out a shuttle is still my preferred method. A small team in a shuttle could scan and observe, gather intel on the ship, and establish a more direct contact with the colony in order to get an idea of their status while also getting their observations on this ship. Maybe, planet wise, they might have seen something we haven't. Whatever info we gather, will transmit immediately to the Aurora which should give the brains onboard enough time to work something out and learn more from what we get. Plus, as you said, we would want to avoid getting into a fire fight because the ship does seem to out class us." He than stopped, shrugged his shoulders, before adding. "However, should you decide to go with your idea, It can be done. Timing is crucial and we can't leave any room for error. Whatever you decide, my piloting skills wont let you down."


Resisting the urge to roll their eyes at their hand-wringing, Boudreau cleared his throat, 'I apologise if my words were clumsy. I wasn't implying we were expendable. It just makes little sense to put the entirety of the Aurora in danger, when a small team can slip in and out in a shuttle.' He scratched the back of his neck. 'Willful endangerment of the entire crew is a nonsense when Lieutenant Deville has come up with an excellent alternative.'

"I support your suggestion, having helmed myself I knew the risks as a Long shot." He said. "Having the shuttle approach while we stand out of range is the best option with a caveat; I want a second shuttle to go to the surface and get a first hand account of what they need as well?" Ka'Tock said. "Lt. Nakano come along for an Engineering take on it? He suggested.

Glancing to the Doctor.

"I will be flying the second shuttle for you to get a survey of the planet's situation, and we can see what can be found out there while the Aurora stands ready to come in for any needs that might arise after our surveys?"

Amber agreed that the Captain would be safer on the ship, but he was the second-best pilot, and that was important, too. "We could also hide the Aurora farther out. Is there a planet just within sensor range? We could hide the ship behind it and run scans while still sending out shuttles," Amber asked.

Ka'Tock pondered that for a few seconds.

"That would seem the best tactical approach." He said. "We park the Auora the the shadow of farthest planet at horizon enough to get some scans but not give much profile to be scanned. The shuttles depart and with Alpha Shuttle tasked with the entity in orbit and Beta shuttle going to surface to check with colony and begin surveys on the effects of the Terraforming on the colonists." He nod. "Science chief in charge of Alpha and the Doctor in charge of Beta." He nod. "I will just play ; as humans call, Taxi Driver for this. Science and Engineering on Alpha if possible, Medical and Science heavy on Beta."

Glanced about the room.

"Does anyone have any suggestions to fine tune the plan?"

Paris looked around the room, finally focusing on Amber, looking into her eyes for a moment. He cleared his throat and raised his hand. "I do, since the topic already came up, and I feel it important to mention. Why does the Captain feel it best to place himself into a dangerous situation?" He shrugged slightly adding quickly. "Not that I am suggesting you aren't qualified Captain, far from it, but since I remember vividly that Starfleet is very insistent on the Captain remaining on the ship. We don't know whether this has the potential to develop into a hostile situation and, should it go that route, the Captain is placing himself in danger. I know its Captain's prerogative, but I think Starfleet would frown on us losing the Captain and many others should this turn sour once that ship and its occupants get the sense we here to stop them and decide to become aggressive."

"It is more like a Forward Observer to evaluate best compare to scans from the ship." Ka'Tock replied calmly. 'As a pilot I am not taking up an extra seat for the Beta Shuttle." He nod. "Your due diligence is noted Mr. De'Ville."

"I would send Ensign K'Tar on the Alpha shuttle," Trei said. "She's great at targeting in a moving shuttle, should the need arise. Mitchell would be good for either the Beta shuttle or the tactical station onboard the ship, depending where you want me."

Paris chuckled slightly, putting his head down, in an attempt to hide it. He shook his head as he let out a deep sigh. The mission was to learn what was going on and Trei, the Chief of Security and Tactical, was already planning on a fight. It wasn't all that surprising he would take this stance, and part of him saw why, but preparing for a fight was just inviting one to happen.

"If you're going on the shuttle, I should stay on the ship," Amber said. "I can send out a few probes to get readings."

Zuub had nothing to add. A survey would be somewhat interesting but her focus was still stuck on gutting Boudreau.

"That will be the most effective use of Commander Quinn's talents initially." Ka'Tock agreed. "The shuttle are for observation only, they are not equipped to deal with aggressions."

Amber nodded. "Then it's settled. I think you and Zuub will do well together," she said. She'd noticed Zuub's attitude. Getting her away from Boudreau for a while would be a good thing.

Deciding that discretion was the better option, Boudreau opted to say nothing and just nodded neutrally as the assignments were handed out. The Science Officer couldn't wait for the briefing to end at this point.

"I believe we have an Operational Plan." Ka'Tock nod to his staff. "You are dismissed."

Zuub rose to her full six feet, five inches in height and made a quick exit. If she was not going to kill Boudreau, she certainly was going to have to take her aggression out somewhere. She made a quick exit towards the holodecks.

Nodding, Boudreau got to his feet and stalked out quietly, shaking his head once the door had closed behind him. Can't believe I was that stupid in there. He often forgot he looked at things slightly differently than other officers.

Kym followed the Chief Science Officer. She caught up with him in the corridor and slipped her hand in the crook of his arm and gave it a gentle squeeze to help him feel better. At least, she hoped so.

Trei got up and reclamated his coffee cup, then left the room, heading for the security offices.


Lieutenant Zuub
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USS Aurora

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