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Bun in the oven!

Posted on Wed Mar 2nd, 2022 @ 2:25am by Lieutenant Azusa Nakano & Lieutenant Zuub
Edited on on Wed Mar 2nd, 2022 @ 2:29am

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Mission: Making for a Hostile Environment.
Location: Sickbay

It hadn't been long since the meeting and Azusa was feeling a little 'green'. She wasn't really feeling the best, almost nauseous. Although still on duty she had excused herself from Engineering and headed towards sickbay. She had spent far too long in this part of the ship only a couple of weeks ago.

"Doctor?" she asked shyly looking around the small bay.

Zuub quickly discarded an instrument that she had been playing with in her antennae and tried to settle her writing antennae. Purposely settling them down, she called out before coming out, "Yes, what is it?"

She came out and noticed Azusa there. "Ah, how can I help you? Are you feeling any relapses?"

"I'm not too sure" Azusa replied. "I feel... strange. Almost like I want to vomit. But... well I don't know. Something isn't right..."

Zuub took out a medical tricorder and said, "Why don't you sit on this biobed here, please? We'll have a look at you. can you tell me how long you have been feeling this way? Where do you hurt or where are you uncomfortable, so I can tailor my readings?"

"Well..." Azusa said as she pulled herself up onto the biobed. "Mainly around my lower stomach. It feels like burning, a bit like I want to throw up. But I can't really tell..." she paused for a moment.

"Could this be a side effect of... you know... doing... that... on that weird planet?" she asked blushing a bright shade of magenta.

"Having sex?" Zuub asked bluntly. "Perhaps. Or perhaps it was from the treatment. Or, it could be something completely different. You could have the Denebian flu for all I know at this moment."

"Well yeah..." Azusa replied still a little embarrassed at what had occurred. She was still rather bashful about the entire incident. "However, many things happened and we're still not one hundred per cent sure how the planets chemicals may have affected us...right?"

"That would be an accurate statement. What we know is that it repressed higher brain functions. Removal from the stimuli would eventually allow it to pass but much too slowly to be effective as a Starfleet officer, hence the need for the treatment I devised."

Azusa sat there. "So... find anything yet?" she asked.

Zuub's antennae twittered uncertainly. "It is rather unexpected and I definitely would want to make certain that these readings are not off...." She pulled out a syringe and said, "I'm just going to take a little blood sample here."

Azusa nodded. "Okay" she replied simply.

Zuub took the blood sample and sent it through a centrifuge. She looked it over twice and then returned to Azusa. "I do not know a good way to tell you this, but all the test results show you as pregnant. And, from my analysis, the pregnancy occurred while you were on the planet...." Her antennae drooped and twittered nervously.

Continuing, Zuub informed Azusa, "You have many options, including keeping the child or terminating the pregnancy. I know that this is a difficult time and you may wish to talk to a counselor before making any decisions."

The news hit Azusa like a train. "Do... its half Betazoid isn't it?" she asked nervously.

The Andorian looked over some more scans. "There is Betazoid DNA in your fetus, yes."

Azusa sighed. "I see" she said simply. "I guess that this is the start of something new" she said quietly. "Can you keep this quiet please doctor, until I'm ready for people to know?" She asked.

"I am required to keep it quiet. That is the hallmark of the doctor-patient privilege." Her antennae leaned forward and then started to lash in a confused manner. "Is there a reason that you are concerned?"

Azusa shook her head. "Its... complicated" she said simply. "Is it too soon to find out... what its going to be? Boy or girl?" she asked.

The Andorian's antennae whirled about confused. "At this stage, it is too early to tell. Even so, do you not think that you should discuss this with the father first? It seems that you know him. Although I am not a counselor, I did have some basic courses and while I must admit that I find Terran psychology rather unusual, I do believe that this might be something you wish to tackle together."

Azusa nodded. "Thankyou doctor" she said sheepishly. She hopped down off the biobed. "I should go, sort some things out" she said as she made for the door.

After leaving sickbay, Azusa stopped for a brief moment and placed both hands on her belly, leaning up against a bulkhead she contemplated the moment. "This is really happening to me..." she muttered to herself. She had a lot of preparations to make now, she dreaded having to tell her parents about this.

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