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Hostile detours (Part I)

Posted on Tue Jun 29th, 2021 @ 1:27pm by Lieutenant Commander Amber Quinn & Lieutenant JG Ronen Kym & Captain Ka'Tock & Lieutenant Trei Jansum & Lieutenant Remy Boudreau & Lieutenant Zuub & Lieutenant JG Paris Deville

1,136 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: Making for a Hostile Environment.
Location: Briefing Room One.
Timeline: MD 01 0745 hours


It was just half an our after the change of orders; Ka'Tock had discussed the outline with his XO and now they are going to call the staff to be brought up to speed.

Standing at the rear of the room looking out the portal to meditate a bit before bring the bad news to the Senior Staff. Running the conversation again in hi heqad and the dat package for the briefing Ka'Tock had few facts and only a huge objective of saving a colony from a tough intruder and hoping not to get caught in the cross-fire of a Task Group having to deal with the matter.

He waited his staff to arrive.

Amber was second to arrive. She smiled at Ka'Tock. "Everything looks ready to go, once you brief the senior staff."

Paris entered slowly, mug in his hand, while he continued to approach the table. He looked to the Captain, nodded, before sitting down by the Amber.

Ka'Tock returned the nod from the Chief Helmsman.

He gave her a playful wink before taking a sip from his mug. “So…” Paris whispered as he leaned in closer. “You left early this morning. I thought the plan was a dinner, movie, then breakfast?”

"Had a meeting with the Captain," she whispered back. "I'll make it up to you tonight."

Paris smirked slightly before replying. "Of course you're going to make it up to me. That was never in debate. What is in debate is how are you going to make it up to me because I have several ideas."

She looked down at her PADD and smiled. "How about we see how things go?"

Paris smiled back before leaning closer and whispering. "I remind you see how things go was what you said last night and it turned into spending the night and running out for a 'meeting with the Captain' leading to you missing breakfast."

"I didn't expect to be called in for a meeting. So tonight, I'll fix you breakfast first." She chuckled softly. "A lot depends on how this briefing goes." However it went, she was pretty sure she could make time for breakfast with Paris. "Right now, we have a briefing to focus on."

"Oh, by all means, let's brief away." Paris replied with a smile. He took a sip from his mug as he eased his hand under the table out of prying eyes. As he heard the door's open again, he placed his hand on Amber's leg, giving it a playful but loving squeeze.

She again hid a smile as she put her hand over his for a moment.

Slipping in to the room quietly, Boudreau was glad he'd eaten his breakfast on time today. He hadn't expected a sudden briefing invitation. The Cajun nodded at the other two officers before taking his seat quietly.

"Good to have you with us Boudreau." He greet. "Sorry about the hour, seem Commodores do not keep business hours."

'Having awkward business hours seem to be one of the privileges of rank, sir,' Budreau offered easily.

Kym walked in and took a quick look around the room. She smiling at everyone and took the empty seat next to Remy.

A tall, lanky Andorian wearing the markings of the Chief Medical Officer walked into the room. Her antennae twiddled lightly as she walked. In her soft, wispy voice, she greeted everyone, "Hello" and took a seat.

Kym turned to the doctor and smiled.

Nodding at Zuub, Boudreau favoured Kym with a big smile as she sat.

Zuub noticed the smile. The Andorian could not express emotions with her facial features but her antennae would do that. They leaned in towards Boudreau and Kym. Zuub wondered at the relationship and also wondered if either or both would be interesting enough to play with.

Catching the Andorian looking at them, Boudreau leaned over and asked, 'and how are you today Doctor, everything agreeable except the hour, I hope?'

The Andorian's antennae immediately went rigid once she was caught watching Boudreau and Kym. Slowly and cautiously, they leaned a little more forward and said, "Indeed, all is as well as can be. How are things with you?"

Kym glanced at Remy and smiled. "Fine."

Boudreau glanced back at Kym, then at Zuub with a grin, 'fine, as Kym says. How're you settling in Zuub? Finding your way around OK?'

"My antennae sense that you're both more than fine." Her antennae crossed and leaned in towards both Kym and Remy. "As to settling in, well, now that the emergency has passed, I will be taking some more time to become much more personally acquainted with the ship and crew." Her antennae writhed with anticipation.

"I'm sure a lot of the crew will feel the same," Kym said, taking the conversation to a less personal level. She and Remy were still getting to know each other and their relationship was private. "There should be some ship-wide activities--or you can start one."

'If there's no ship-wide activity that takes your fancy, Doctor, we could always meet up for a drink and some chit-chat after a duty shift. Or catch a holodeck program,' said Boudreau blithely as he tried being friendly to the Andorian. 'No need to be strangers now.'

"That sounds pleasant. Let me know when the two of you would like to meet with me for a drink or holodeck program," Zuub returned.

"Maybe we could invite a few others as well," Kym suggested.

'A senior staff get together could be a good thing,' replied Boudreau with a smile, 'seeing as so many of us have arrived during missions, we've not all had the time to meet outside of work.'

Trei came in next, a little more subdued than he would have been before, but better than he had been before seeing the counselor. He took a seat next to Paris and settled in for the briefing.

Zuub's antennae writhed at the thought of a get together but slowly drooped when she realized that it was a social, clothing on, event. However, they perked back up and told Boudreau, "That sounds like a good idea."

"That's a great idea," Kym said to Remy. "We could use a holodeck."

'We could, actually. I'm sure there's an appropriate space we can think of whizzing up to make it feel like a party,' replied Boudreau thoughtfully. 'And we won't dominate the one lounge on the ship.'

(To be continued...)

Captain Ka'Tock
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Amber Quinn
Executive Officer

Lieutenant JG Paris Deville
Chief Flight Control Officer

Lieutenant Remy Boudreau
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant JG Ronen Kym

Lieutenant Zuub
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Trei Jansum
Chief Security/Tactical officer


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