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Detouring with company.

Posted on Thu Jun 3rd, 2021 @ 8:38am by Captain Ka'Tock

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Mission: Making for a Hostile Environment.
Location: Captain's ready Room
Timeline: Beginning MD 01


Ka' Tock was sitting in his Ready Room, the curriculum was a little more intense that he had recalled in his academy days, boning up on the sciences in general had been his goal while serving as Counselor, a hobby so he might be of more use to the crew at the time, now it would help him with his Command.

The Message relay from Star Fleet was put through to his Private channel, Captain's Eyes Only. It was from the Commodore of Star Base 134; the closest one to the Aurora's position, not really part of the normal patrol sphere.

Looking at the Icon he knew this was not going to be a check of the recovering crew or Science team. He took a realxing breath to prepare himself for the message.

The simple press of the button and the icon vanished the face of the Commodore appeared; a woman in her late forties, half graying mixed with the once vibrant auburn hair. Her round face and softer features showed her to be one who did not allow the job to age her as much.

"Commander Ka'Tock." The woman began within the first seconds after answering the transmission. "I am Commodore Reynolds.' Introductions were short. "We have a situation that requires a ship of your class, a science vessel, and strong medical." Her face gave the hint of concern that she was trying to keep as neutral for the prper command stature. "We aqre sketchy on the details but it seems that one of our colonies is under an assault but not so much an aggressive attack." She started to explain."

"That is rather vague statement of facts." Ka'Tock replied.

"This is an envirnmental style assault." The Cooadore replied." An attempt at an aggressive form of Terraforming, there is a toxic gas being put into the atmosphere from what is beileved an automated ship dropping the devices onto the surface."

"What about defenses?" Ka'Tock asked. "If it is being aggressive in this dropping of equipment then why not drive it off?"

"The alien vessel has very strong defenses and your ship is closer to get a read on the situation and capabilities while the nearest Task Group can be mobilized." Reynolds put an image of a spherical vessel of some size closer to a Borg Sphere. "At first we thought it a Borg vessel on the approach but it has done nothing to assimilate and the way it acts is ust to drop the terraforming devices."

"Have the colonist tried communications?"

"The shuttles that approached were left alone but the defensive field is more of a Force Wall that deflector style defense, holes open for delivery of the devices and close to maintain rigidity of the field." She explained. "We have little actual scans of the vessel, just enough to know it is alien and automated."

"So our job is to get close and scan while trying to not provoke it?" He asked.

"Basically observation and data collection for now, if you can find a way to help all the better." The Data package was transmitted. "Here is all the information we have and the colony information." Looking directly at Ka'Tock as she spoke. "The colonists cannot approach the devices without level one hazard gear right now and the fields surrounding the devices are nearly as powerful as the ship."

"Then we shall see if something larger than a shuttle will cause a reaction?" Ka'Tock pointed out. "Either way you might get a status of the aggressive posture when we arrive?" He noted. "If it is confirmed stationary I might try an approach in shadow of planet." He grinned. "I did learn some from the Empire that can be of use."

The raised eyebrow of the Commodore and hint of a grin almost showed.

"I leave that to you." changing the subject. "The Science team will have to be riding along for this as well as the civilian; who has caused a slight stir as having been thought lost and his relatives have questioned the Corps of Engineers about their practices and methods." Shakings her head slightly. "I suppose the dealing with that can be put off until you get back."

"He is being well cared for." Ka'Tock noted. "I will alter course as soon as we are completed with your briefing."

"I will not hold you back then." She hesitated as something caught her thoughts. "The official process has finally caught up and I have the Honor of wishing 'Captain of the Aroura Godspeed and good hunting. Congratulations Captain Ka'Tock."

"Thank you Commodore." HE tried not to give the surprise in his expression.

"It is well earned and I wish you well. Commodore Reynolds out."

The face was replaced by a Star Fleet Icon.

"Reward to soften the Blow, well played." Ka'Tock chuckled.

"Commander Quinn to the ready Room please." He called over the communicator. "

This is going to be an interesting mission.


Captain Ka'Tock
Commanding Officer


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