Bridge Watch

Posted on Thu May 2nd, 2019 @ 11:34am by Lieutenant Xander Oroyo DSci

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After Lieutenant Xander Oroyo had assumed the center seat,he looked out over the smallish bridge at the officers there and swelled with pride at them having weathered this challenge with grace and composure.

He wondered what Commander Quinn was doing on the Admiral's ship. As acting Captain her place was here on the bridge. But then again, she knew more about what was going on here than anyone else.

"Computer, begin Science Officer's log," he finally said.

"Chief Science Officer's Log stardate 72332.1: We're finally home. Thank the Dieties, we made it home in one piece...relatively. We're down a captain and a Chief of Security but the rest of the crew is intact. I'm starting to think of this ship as home. The crew has accepted me into their lives...for the most part.

"Lieutenant Amber Quinn still tries to protect the Science Department like she were still CSciO even though I've held that position since I came on board and she's been Executive Officer for quite some time.

"I'm having trouble with my own inner demons now. I'm not sure where to turn here. I doubt the Klingon counselor is the right avenue for me to go down. Maybe I should traverse it anyway. He seems competent enough with the helm of the starship. But he's not a helm officer but a counselor. Perhaps, I should access his personnel record to get some further insight into his abilities.

"This whole roller coaster ride has been an emotional roller coaster for me as well. i've had to face down the possibility of never seeing home again, us returning home in basically one day and the loss of the captain all in one mission. What next?

"Computer, end log and file."



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