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Posted on Fri Mar 24th, 2017 @ 3:56am by Captain Daniel Westphalen

I've gotten all crew who have participated up and running, including in the Theta Fleet roster as well. So welcome to Lieutenant Ka'Tock, Dr. Maxwell, and Lieutenant Nastari! I'm super excited we now have almost as many blue uniforms as red and gold combined!

Additionally, I'm going to be making a push here soon to update our wiki - it didn't come with when we re-opened the site, and my life's been a little hectic, so that sat by the wayside. But it's time to make it way clearer what's aboard the Aurora (for example, the ol' bird's far too small to include a holodeck, but it does have a small gym!). I'll have complete deckplans, and a breakdown of the crew - these may be entirely irrelevant to some, but given that our sim's based on a ship with a very finite amount of resources, I like people knowing what's around.

The first big mission post has split the senior crew - half going to Nal'daya in the Waverider shuttle ( to work out what the scientists there have seen, and the other half staying behind to try and get the Aurora working properly. Looks like we're all going to get busy soon!


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